About Aikchol Hospital

Our Story

“Aikchol Hospital” - the private hospital in the Eastern region since 1978. Responding to the fast growing industrial businesses and economic development within the Eastern coastal area, the concern of the importance of community's health and increasing needs for health services that motivated Dr.Aikapoj Vanich established Aikchol Hospital on 25th November, 1978.

Aikchol Hospital was officially opened in the year 1981, as the first private hospital in Eastern area with the integrated round the clock health services. In 1991 the 10 floors building was built, and the hospital was completed with qualified medical specialist, nursing, competent staff and well equipped medical facilities. In 1992, Aikchol Hospital was listed in The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SEC) and was finally privatized into public company limited named “Aikchol Hospital Public Company Limited.” The growth of the population and the progress of industrial businesses in Eastern region on 2006, the hospital was actuated to continuously innovate with advanced medical technology and health services. This includes the

  • Cardiac Catheterization Unit (Cath. Lab) standardized with highly qualified medical and nursing team. The test and procedure for patients with cardiovascular diseases. Performed to provide information on how the heart function, identifies the problem and allows for procedure to open blocked arteries with no surgery needed, and with minimal risks.
  • The new 128-slices CT scan is able to reveal high resolution 3D image and can visualize multiple levels with efficient technology in reducing the exposure to radiation.
  • Digital Mammogram, a test for the early detection and diagnosis of Breast cancer in women who belong to high risk,
  • The newly opened 3D CLINIC Facial Procedures, 3D Medical Printing by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center
  • Innovation of Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS), NICU, Skin Clinic by our highly qualified Specialist
  • Fully equipped ICU, CCU with modern medical devices, experienced Doctors, Nursing team and Clinicians work as a team with latest technology.

All customers will be well taken cared of by highly qualified medical and nursing team, under the principle of “PROVIDING HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE WITH EXCELLENT CLINICAL SERVICE EXPERIENCE BY MULTIDISCIPLINARY CARE TEAM”

AIKCHOL HOSPITAL has wide range of experiences and trusted for more than 40 years. The continuous development of the hospital's quality standard was achieved and certified by Hospital Accreditation (HA) since January 19, 2010 and accredited by Joint International Commission on November 2, 2015. Continuously Reaccredited on October 2018 and was successfully granted the JCI’s Gold Seal of Approval and Certificate for recognition of patient care of Acute Myocardial Infarction Program. The second Re accreditation on August 2021. The quality services and structural improvements are being done deliberately. The hospital is committed to care and provide the quality standard medical services as other leading hospitals in Thailand. Eventually, Aikchol Hospital had been trusted by the community for a long period of time and for the next generations to come.

Our whole quality service of our Medical, Nursing, Multidisciplinary care team competencies, we overcome the Covid19 global health challenges and continue to offer the effective care with long Covid-19 treatment and rehabilitation with various symptoms. The New Normal Covid-19 situations, we still provide medical care home isolation care thru tele-med. We also have our Specialist to take care of their quality recovery to become healthy again.